NIFFFI is an annual festival that showcases films based on or emerging from indigenous cultures and folklore from around the world.

We endeavour to bring to you slices of tradition, tales, arts and likeness from communities all across the world and to offer a platform to converse about the past, the present and the future. We look forward to having your participation and support.



Festival Chairman

Rolf Kilius

Council Member

Ram Prasad Kadel

Council Member

Vinod Nambiar

Festival Director

A Vayali Initiative

Vayali is a folklore group with its roots in the banks of river Nila (Bharathapuzha) in Kerala, India. Our mission is to nurture and promote the tangible and intangible culture that flourishes in the Nila river basin through the involvement of volunteers and youth.

Vayali promotes local arts, crafts and eco-friendly handmade products by supporting artisans to secure their livelihood by bringing them together and providing a platform to showcase their work globally. Vayali aims to reach out to the world and promote folklore and heritage through NIFFFI.

Partner Organisations

ICHS, SSUS, Kalady

Films Division of India

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts

Become a festival sponsor

Please get in touch with us to know how you can sponsor or partner with NIFFFI 2021.


Please get in touch here or mail to us at nifffi21@gmail com.